Tau Ceti Macintosh LAN Parties

Miss that retro multiplayer action? Are you in Portland, OR or nearby and have an Ethernet equipped Mac? Let's get vintage fix satisfied with an old fashioned LAN party!

(6 Oct, 2018) - We're still in the initial planning stages. I envision this as a regular meet-up once we have enough interested people. I run a couple of QuakeWorld servers for the PowerPC Gaming Lounge on FaceBook. While it's grea t to play online with other vintage Mac owners, there are some games that are LAN only.

The Games

A-10 Cuba!

Marathon 1, Durandal, Infinity

...and others depending on interest. Don't have a vintage Mac but want to join in? Not to worry. I have 2x iMac G3's, a PowerMac G5, and a PowerMac G3 (blue & white) onsite.


Send me an e-mail at ckurowic at gmail.com, or connect with us on FaceBook at the PowerPC Gaming Lounge